Hey guys,
Im new to this website and also new to wiring/guitar building. For a new project i want to customise my les paul. What i want is
-3 way pickup selector
-master tone and master volume
-2 way kill switch
-emg pa-2

Will this be possible to make? And can anyone help with a wiring diagram? Im having no luck on google :'( Cheers for any help guys!!
Totally possible.

This PDF might help.


But how do you intend to fit that into a Les Paul? Take one of the volumes and tones out and replace them with the killswitch and the preamp?

Because if that's your idea, are you sure the preamp switch's shaft will be long enough or large enough in diameter to fit into one of the guitar's pot holes?

I personally don't see much point in this preamp booster thing. The sorts of people who use these preamps already have enough gain in their signal anyway. Why not just use an overdrive pedal to achieve the same thing?
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Quote by Axelfox
Thats the idea man. And iv measured the pot shaft, it would fit no problem. I dont have the longer shafts anyway on my current pots
Just tossed this together. I used purple to symbolize the bare wires from the pickups. Grey = white.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have never messed with the wiring in an active guitar. I simply followed the PDF T00DEEPBLUE linked and adapted it.
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Thanks for the replies guys, that diagram will help me a lot. Do you know if that diagram will work with passive pickups too?
NeroGlasgow apologies, I assumed you'd be using EMG pickups as well. It's not interchangeable, but there's not a lot that would have to be tweaked. What brand pickups will you be using? Just so I can use the same colour code to make it simpler
Thats no bother mate. Il most likely be using seymour duncans. Maybe a Bill Lawrence l500 in the bridge