Christmas is rolling around soon. I am 15 years old and my family is tired of hearing me play through my amp all the time. I started playing unplugged all the time and it helps me get better, but I can't get the tone I desire. Between my brother's trumpet playing, my mother's desire for quiet and my insecurity in my playing right now, I think having a classic rock headphone amp would be great. Right now I am looking at two inexpensive options, but feel free to suggest others.

The Vox G2 Classic Rock Headphone Amp - $33

Donner Classic Rock Amp w/ Rechargeable Battery - $20
The Donner is almost certainly an unlicensed copy of the Vox. That's kind of their thing.

I'd think about a used POD if you can, that's going to have a lot more flexibility. The old ones are still decent, they work well with headphones, and plenty of used ones out there. You can also get a USB interface and plug into your computer and use any number of free or cheap modeling software/DAW options there.

The Vox sounds ok but really the only selling point is that it's super small and portable. Nearly anything else is going to give you more options, and will sound just as good.
The little Vox is affordable, easy to use, and you can walk anywhere while playing. If you always play sitting down you might try to find something with more options like Roc mentioned above.
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Have a look at a Zoom G1on.

You won't get more features for that sort of money with anything else.
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