A guy on craigslist is selling his marshall 1960av cab. When I asked what speakers it comes with he said Celestion G12-50 speakers. From what I gather the speakers are from the late 1970's, and may be rare and worth something. Can anybody tell me if these speakers are worth anything? I can't seem to get my pic to come up, but it looks like this but has a sticker that says vintage prototype on it.
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from what i remember the G12-50 is just an earlier variation on the G12-65, so you may get someone who has a hard-on for something like that and may pay a little more but realistically no one is going to care. so they are no more valuable a G12-65 from the 80's which i would expect to sell for roughly 60 bucks locally to a max of 100 bucks on ebay. i think they make some type of reissue that goes for a little over $100 usd new.

celestion made a G12K-85 before the G12K-100, and it is a similar story to these G12-50's you are asking about. the K-85 is an early version of the K-100, but no one really cares.
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i love the k85/100's. i think the k85's are English and the k100's are china (or thereabouts). IIRC.

there quite a few oddball speakers the celestion made. i have a English T100 in one of my amps and know nothing about it. sounds good though
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