A friend sold me his schecter with floyd rose for a very cheap price. Great guitar and all but the whammy bar is loose and just dangles. I don't really do some crazy shit with the whammy bar, I do little flutters now and then when I cover polyphia songs but that's about it. The problem is, with the bar loose I get the flutter but it just dangles..it also squeaks a tiny bit. I've heard teflon tape works..but how well? I've also heard putting a spring from a mechanical pencil under the whammy works but when I tried it it didnt do much. I don't want to end up stripping something. This is my first time working with a floyd rose and damn it's such a hassle lol
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Would replacing the trem bar help or is it more an issue with the thread in the Floyd Rose?
May as well try the Teflon tape. No way of knowing exactly how well it works for you without actually trying it and you've got nothing to lose.
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Go to any hardware or plumbing supply store and buy a roll of plumbers tape. It will work easily, just wrap a few turns around the threads on the whammy bar and screw it in. You'll need to replace it if you remove the bar often but one roll of tape will last for years.
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