random clicking on youtube related videos net me this:

really dirty stuff. their drummer is pretty good; some songs he plays really fast, slippery stuff. the guitars have nice crunchy, fuzzy sounds... sometimes i feel it gets a bit repetitive, but i'm also listening to this on crappy laptop speakers vs. my studio headphones so i don't hear all the noisy nuances and everything else production/tone-wise that's going on.

wiki says these guys are noise rock technically but i feel like this forum might appreciate them
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kinda reminds me of Crazy Spirit or the Locust.

i should bookmark this subforum again so i don't miss the new threads that pop up once every 3 months.
Well noise rock is for all intents and purposes more of a punk subgenre than any other thing, so this is the right place for it. Also, these guys are only a two piece composed of drums and a strangely tuned bass with tons of effects pedals. I've heard all their stuff and enjoy it very much. Their album Wonderful Rainbow is probably their most acclaimed, so check that out.