So, I've been GASing for a new guitar in 2017 to replace my schecter demon solo-6. I play mostly stuff like metallica, mastodon, megadeth, iron maiden, pantera, baroness and so on, but I'm looking for a guitar that also delivers some classic rock and heavy metal tones fairly well (sabbath, led zeppelin, pink floyd, etc).

Budget: around 900 euros

Pickups: Passives (I'm really not looking for a guitar with actives)

New or Used: I'd prefer new, but right now I'm just checking my options so I'll take used suggestions as well

Location: Europe

Current Gear: Schecter demon solo-6 (it's a proto), Jca22h with harley benton g212v, boss sd-1 (will expand in this department, namely an EQ and a Delay in the short term)

Also 24 frets

Note: I probably won't have the opportunity to try the guitar I'm buying. From what I've seen, the PRS SE Mark Holcomb has caught my eye.
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