I really can't decide between the epiphone les paul 100 or the Harley Benton SC-Custom guitars and I'm ordering one this week. If anyone could help me out on which guitar would be better you would help me out so much. Thanks
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The few Harley Bentons I've played were actually pretty good for their price. You obviously can't expect a stellar instrument for these prices, but I think I'd rather get the Harley Benton SC-Custom than an Epiphone Les Paul 100.

I'm going to assume the Epiphone Les Paul Standard is out of your budget, but I'd get that over either of your picks if it's in your budget. If you're willing to go used, that would be the best option I think: looking for a used Epiphone Les Paul Standard. I'll assume you're somewhere in Europe due to Harley Benton being the Thomann-homebrand, so I'm not sure how your used market would be, but I'd think in most places, it's not too hard to find a used Epiphone Les Paul Std.
Getting a new guitar in this price range can be a bit risky, since the QC isn't very good. I assume you're getting it from Thomann since you mentioned the Harley Bentons, so you can just return the guitar if it turns out to be a turd and get a replacement (see their 30 Day Return Policy).

If I had a gun pointed at my head and had to make a choice between the HB SC Custom and the Epiphone 100, I would go for the HB.

But, the best thing to do in my opinion is precisely what K0nijn said. Either save some more money and get an Epi LP Standard new or go hunt it on the used market, maybe you can find a cheap one in very good conditions. This would be, by far, the best option.

Even here in Portugal where the used market isn't very good (as in, the prices of the used stuff is usually so high I'd rather go new), it is quite easy to find a used EP LP Standard at a decent price.
What is your budget?


What gear will you be playing through?

What genres do you want to play?

Are you willing or able to buy used?

If it is possible in your location (or you can travle a bit) buying used will get you a better quality guitar for the same or similar price as a cheaper new guitar.
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the Harley Benton is the better bang for the buck
if it had the name of any 'famous' guitar-brand on the headstock - it would cost 2-3x the price......
they are made in the same asian factories like many more expensive guitars
Now I'm actually thinking of getting the squier affinity hss guitar from thomann its about 235 euros because I think it will give me more options however I'm still not fully sure. This will be my first guitar by the way
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That might be a good option too.
What I'd do in your case is go to a shop and actually try stuff out. I know you can't play yet, but you can still have a feel for the guitar. Some guitars will be comfortable to you and some won't be. Some fill balance nicely, some will not. The neck shapes are very different, so you can go and have a feel for what feels most natural.

I also think you should support your local stores if at all possible. If they price way above Thomann and other online stores, ask if they will match prices. They might, in which case you've immediately got the guitar in hand and you've got a shop to go to that's local for stuff later on, or they might not and you can walk out and keep it in mind for later that they didn't want to match. Worst case, you'll have to go elsewhere, best case they rethink their way of doing business and you have another address to go to.

But I'll stress again that you really should go somewhere and get a feel for certain guitars. I never liked Strats, but I didn't know until I had one in my hands. Had I got a Strat-style guitar as my first guitar because I didn't get a feel for it first, I might not even still be playing right now. Good luck with your hunt!
^ yeah worth considering

also the yamaha pacifica 112 is a similar price on thomann to the squier you're looking at, might also be worth considering.
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