I' m a novice player with a Fender Telecaster and a Mustang 1 v2. Amp modelling is beyond me at the moment so I have been downloading community tones for the Mustang. Must be me as despite there being 24 pre-sets on the amp itself I only find 1 or 2 any good? Community tones are hit and miss but there is generally at least 1 that will suffice for whatever I am learning. However there is no app available so Mustang has to be permanently plugged into my PC and tbh the Fuse interface is not user friendly.
I also like playing along with third party backing tracks so this has to go through separate speakers as the Fender amp is a bit muffled for this. So I have wires everywhere. Enter the Amplifi 75. I tried one yesterday and was very impressed with the usability and seems to be aimed at someone like myself. Connect an iPad or Android device, Bluetooth and wire free and in no time had a custom tone and I was away. Easy to save for next time and backing track easily played through the built in stereo speakers and sounded great.
One thing I can’t comment on is the quality of Guitar sound compared to the Mustang and would appreciate feedback on more experienced members here. I suppose line 6 can only imitate fender amp cab sounds whereas fender has access to originals?
I am very tempted but that may be down to inexperience and at nearly £300 it isn’t cheap although to be fair its direct fender comparison would be the Amplifi 30 but that is physically tiny and only £60 less. There is also a standalone unit and a footswitch with the same software built.
Certainly on usability the Line 6 wins for me
Any advice appreciated