Alright, so I don't know whether to purchase myself a gibson sg specail t or a prs se custom 24. I feel more comfortable playing the sg but not as for the prs. the prs has a little better sound but that may play a key role. Also, i am thinking of ditching the new guitar and going for a new amp. thinking of either a peavey classic 50 or a used marshall dsl. i am playing a epiphone les paul standard and a fender frontman 25. i feel that the frontman doesnt have bad sound but not great. if i play in a bigger venue i could just mic it up or would i want a stronger amp.
If you're not 100% happy with your sound/tone, you should definitely upgrade the amp first. Yes, having a guitar that inspires you is just as important, but playing a nice guitar through an amp that doesn't give the sound that you want will only end up in disappointment. Just my 2 cents on the situation.
It's a hard choice... Personally, I'd want to take the PRS. It may take some getting used to compared to your Les Paul, but it will be well worth it.
I'm not sure if it's best to get the amp first or not... Personally I could use an amp upgrade myself, and plan on getting one in the new year, but that's because I just got myself a new guitar this week.

If you want to improve your tone more, I'd go for a new amp. Make sure you test it out before hand of course, but I would say you'd get more tone by changing your amp than your guitar.

There's a good chance no matter what option you choose, you may think "I like this, but I wonder if I'd like one of the others better.."
Just remember all 3 are awesome choices!
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I'd prefer a US made Gibson over a PRS SE, but it's loaded with mini humbuckers. I'd assume they sound different (they may not), but the biggest problem is you can't swap them out for normal humbuckers. But if it sounds fine, then there's no problem. Have you thought about the regular SG Special or Special Faded?

I definitely would suggest upgrading your amp first though. You have a decent enough guitar, and you won't notice much of a difference in sound, your amp will still sound like your amp.

Both the Classic 30 and DSL are great amps.
Those 2017 PRS SE look really nice!I believe they have new pickups in them too.
But as others have said.An amp will have the most impact on your tone.
Id go with the SG i own a frontman 65r and a marshall dsl with a aftermarket speaker, def get a better amp lol. Try all types of amps, then breaknit down what ull most use it for bedroom or gigs, tube or solid state. Im bias with marshall heads n orange cabs lol blackstars have come a long way
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