Hi everyone!!! This is my version of Greg Howe's Jump start. Hope you like it!!!


Greg Howe is one of the few guitarist I've listened from this style of music. Can you tell something about your sound and rig? I've had hard time creating a flowing sound this clean.
Kasu-_- Thanks man!! I've used the following:

-Guitar: Schecter Hellraiser (neck position)
-Eleven rack (effects in order): 1) A Booster with low gain - 2) Compressor (high compression) - 3) Amplifier: Matchless 30 clean channel with 4x12 cab - 4) Microphone sim: Ribbon 121 condenser - 5) Compressor again (with low gain) - 6) Delay - 7) Reverb - 8) Chorus (at about 20% mix level)