I'm working on "the Chet Atkins signature licks". Fun stuff. On the second verse, the authors say that I'm supposed to perform the artificial harmonic (harp) (I think on the first string) while also using my ring finger to pluck a note two strings away (on the 3rd string). This is how the tab looks:


So I think I'm supposed to play the 5th then 7th fret with my left hand on the first string, do a harp harmonic on the same string with my right hand 12 frets up (using my index finger on the 12th fret up and the thumb for the harmonic), and somehow play the 18 fret on the third string with my ring finger - or so they say. I probably suck a lot because it just doesn't seem possible! Can someone provide some sort of guidance? It really just seems impossible to play... I must be misunderstanding something...
This is just a poorly represented artificial harmonic. Notation of harmonics is inconsistent even in classical guitar music.

The 18 is where you create the harmonic, because it's an octave above where you're holding the C#, on the 6th fret, with your left hand. As far as the left hand is concerned, you are playing xxxx6x5 (outline of an A chord). With the right hand, you'll use your index finger to lightly touch the string at the 18th fret and then pluck with your thumb. At the same time, pluck the high E string with your right hand's ring finger.

This is basically the same technique as playing natural harmonics, except using your right hand, and plucking at the same relative intervals yields the same harmonics (ie octave at 12 frets, 2nd octave at 5 frets, 5th at 7 frets).
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OK well it makes it easier, but not yet easy. Thanks though. Love your music BTW!
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OK well it makes it easier, but not yet easy. Thanks though. Love your music BTW!


It can definitely be tricky coordinating the right hand with specific frets, just takes a little practice. Any Chet Atkins tune will get your chord and fingerpicking chops in shape.
Yeah, that plus Mark Hanson's books, I feel like I made mucho progress in the past couple of years...