Okay here's the deal. I'm 15 and getting a combo amp for Christmas. I've got a hard limit of $400 (it was originally supposed to be $320 but I bargained with my parents so there is no way I can get anything for more than $400). I gotta tell them what amp(s) I would be happy with soon.

I play a whole range of genres with two different bands and stuff I fool around with at home, everything from 50s rock to djent, even a little jazz. I need decent cleans, overdrive, and distortion. I know it's asking a lot for $400.

Preferences (but not requirement):
-Combo amp
-Versatile range of tones (cleans, drives, distortions)
-Tubes (if possible)
-Loud enough to play in a band, but also at home without infuriating my family.
-Good enough to make some decent recordings (nothing fantastic of course)
-50s rock, blues, classic rock, ambient/progressive, floyd-ish stuff, jazz, whole range of metal subgenres (essentially: everything)

After typing that out it's looking like I'm going to need a decent distortion pedal... I can handle that later. (I've got an Ibanez TS9 right now.)
Prior to this I've been using a $200 Fender Mustang II
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Used Carvin V3M or Peavey JSX but they both look over budget.

What do you not like about the Mustang? Have you tried using the Fuse software?

You may need to compromise a bit here. Something like a used Peavey ValveKing which will handle the lighter stuff plus a good distortion pedal to handle the heavier stuff. Stack on your TS9 and that's a lot of different tones at your feet.

I've never owned a distortion pedal - always used the amp distortion - and normally recommend the Wampler Triple Wreck but that's out of budget. Maybe the Joyo JF-15 ($35 on Amazon) or similar Mesa Boogie High Gain clone pedal.
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The Peavey JSX immediately came to mind (or I guess a Bugera 333XL would also suffice), I would also second the Carvin V3M used, sort of depends on your location - where you at? Are you expecting a new amp or are you fine with your parents buying you a used amp?
Fender Super Champ X2 should fit the bill for almost everything you listed.
19FinnLo I recommend the Derringer Products Guitar Bullet PMA-10. It has everything you need. If you have a decent Stereo system, with the PMA-10 you have the best sounding amp you could buy for the money. It not a toy, its high-end pro gear that lets you do everything you are looking for.