Looks like maybe this one as it has velcro and should be able to accomodate everything.


or maybe just a regular rack shelf but if the pedals get bumped during transport, troubleshooting will be a nightmare:
you could zip tie pedals on the cheaper one. the other thing that might work depending on the slot size is to use longer screws going into the backs of the pedals and some small washers to screw the pedals on the rack
Yeah zip tie or I have these velcro bands that loop around, I bought a lot of these and they secure pedals good enough for transportation. The one that doesn't come out would be hard to re-adjust if something were to get disconnected, but honestly with these gigs I'll be doing (30 mins, 5 min setup time) if something goes wrong I'll just go preamp into amp on one patch setting and just soldier through.
I'd go for the cheaper drawer as well. A zip tie or screwing the pedals in won't leave any marks and is more secure. And you save quite some money that you can spend on something else.
Thanks guys, who knows, maybe I can get one of these holiday deals, 20-30% off that sliding rack drawer won't look so bad. I'd prefer it, although the other one will do as well, but tweaking pedals inside it will be a mess...might have to install something like this to see my settings

These guys have a $75 drawer that should fit my needs with some drilling in the back for the power and cable connections: