I went to a guitar store and was completely blown away with the micro terror. so i know for sure i want to go with it but when im on a tight budget getting the cabinet can be pricey. The most convenient would be to get the micro terror with an orange open back 212 but that is just a tad bit over my budge. which i dont think i can stretch much

Im 100% planning to upgrade this all within the next year. im buying this solely because my amp at the moment is unusable. My end plan for next year if not definitely the year after is going to be a dual terror with a orange 4 or 212 i played this at a shop and it was just heaven to my ears and was the exact tone i have been looking for. im getting off track but yeah.

Would The Orange PPC112 be a better option for budget / instead of buying a different 212

But if not is there any other 212s i should look into i have heard good things about the Laney ironheart 212 and the marshall mx212.?

(Sorry i do not know much and i need some advice before i go buying XD)
Jetcity and Avatar have some nice inexpensive cabs.

If you end up with a 1x12 orange then you could probably sell it and get a good price for it, i see them listed for higher amounts than other brands even though they have the same speaker in it. Quality cabs can draw top dollar.

if it were me i would get a 2x12" off brand. save the money and have a loud setup! Plus a lot of the off brands allow for a closed back with a panel to take off for the open back option.

or just buy the orange 2x12 so when you upgrade the amp you won't need to get new speakers, or if you have to have 4 speakers then just buy another 2x12".
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