Hey everyone. Just wanted to open this thread up by saying that it's been a real pleasure to be part of the UG community thus far. Thanks for all the support and keep being awesome!

On to the topic at hand.

I picked up a Peavey ValveKing 100 mk. 1 head from an old friend of mine quite a few years ago who was in a bit of a financial bind and needed some quick cash. He always takes care with his guitar equipment and for $200 it was too good of a deal to pass up on at the time. Heck, it looked like it never saw a speck of dust when I bought it! I still play it regularly to this day and with a couple simple tweaks I'm liking the tones I get out of it, but I know it could be so much better than it is.

So I did some browsing around on the web and stumbled upon this page in the UG wiki where all kinds of VK100 head and 2x12 combo mods are listed https://ultimate-guitar-valveking.wikispaces.com/Amp+Mods+-+Electronics (major props to all the contributors for the work they did BTW). The Mesa and JCM800 mods really caught my attention. I know my way safely around a soldering iron and tube amp chassis, so I figured I would set out to discharge and disassemble my VK100 to do some of the mods listed. This is where my question comes in.

Wattage and voltage values are not mentioned for the capacitors and resistors used in nearly all the listed mods, let alone the ones I plan on doing, and I would truly hate myself for frying my amp by using components in circuits where their tolerances could be greatly exceeded. Do these values matter at all? Anybody out there done these mods already and can give me a little clarification on the wattage and/or voltage values of these components? Any help is thoroughly appreciated.
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