I'm considering to buy a used Yamaha No. 80 Nippon Gakki with a hard case - for $55 (pic attached - comes with a new string pack.. currently needs 1 string to be replaced). Does anyone know anything about this instrument? Is it worth it at this price for a guitar newbie?

Any thoughts about this guitar's sound quality, etc would be much appreciated.

Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately you can't post pics yet.

It should be a nice guitar, provided that the action hasn't got so high that it can't be easily fixed by lowering the saddle. This isn't such a common problem with nylon strings as it is with steel string, but it is worth checking.
Tony Done, thanks for weighing in! I wouldn't know how to lower the saddle to fix the action, or even be able to tell if it had indeed gotten high May be I'll just get it and get my friend-teacher to take a look. Thanks!