So I like building and customizing guitars, but I've mostly just been modifying MIM Fenders and Epiphones. The issue with this is I only have enough money to fiddle around with one every once in a while. I also want to learn to overcome the challanges associated with getting budget parts to work together (sanding necks, magnet swaps in pickups, etc) without worrying about damaging parts. I know GFS is good for pickups, but where can I find decent budget necks, pickups, and hardware at a low price?
Necks - Mighty Mite
Pickups - used Duncans/DiMarzios are pretty cheap. Check out the Gear Page or local Craigslist.
Hardware: Guitar Fetish
I do like buying used Duncans and DiMarzios, but I was thinking a bit cheaper, like the $50 or less range if possible.
I've found tons of Duncans for $50. The trick is to be patient and watch places where people are likely to be dumping them quickly after upgrading, hence Craigslist and TGP. If you go on Reverb or eBay hoping that deals are just sitting on shelves waiting for a buyer, you're going to pay more.
I get what your saying, but I'd want to expand my "comfort zone" as far as pickups go. 95% of the pickups I use are SD, I just want to start wit models cheap enough to use on cheap guitars.