Ok, So it recently came to my attention here that I no longer really need the head I have, and just need something to replace the head altogether with something... better and yet simpler than what I was doing.

I was running the output from my focusrite scarlet 2i4 phonos into a stereo 1/4" aux input on the back of my amp, and then running that out to my 4x12 stereo cab.

What would I need here, I think is a power amp? but I'm not sure.

If that is what I need, I'm currious as to which one would be a nice thing to go after, considering it only has to have 2x200 I think (400 watts total, at 8 ohms)
Basically my cab is capable of a stereo (left/right) split, or mono. I use the stereo for duel amp setups... sounds better to me that way than going mono.

But I don't really have a clue what I should be getting and what brands are the good ones to go after in this case... unless it's a power amp, but even then... what brand? heh, what model? you know?

I have a range I'm guessing around 400 bucks or so, but if I have to i can save up and go higher if need be... but I can't afford something ludicrous like $1,000 or what not. This is just a hobby thing after all, and I'm no collector. I just want the tone that goes in to be the tone that comes out, only amped up for the speakers. Though I'm not opposed to warming the tone up a bit more with tubes if such a thing exists within the realm of the budget I speak of...

Thanks for any help.

TL;DR: I don't know what I need here. Looking to replace the amp head and my going through the amp's aux input to just going straight to a device and out to my 400watt 8 olm 4x12 stereo (left/right split) cab, suggestions?
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I'd just go for weight, something small or at least lightweight. I'd say one of these 2:



I prefer the Rocktron as it has a bit more control.
I always think of Carvin for Power Amps. Good reputation and inexpensive.

If you are using the computer for your sound anyway, how about just getting a powered monitor speaker (anything from near range bookshelves like a Rockit 6 to a powered wedge with a 12" and a horn from again Carvin (or Peavey) ) and be done with it?
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i would (as MM said) get a powered wedge and you would be golden. plug processor in and go!
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