I hate to post a thread like this, but I'm very frustrated.

It's in another language, maybe Russian or German. Male singer, I think there was a lot of crazy falsetto possibly opera-like vocals. Dude had a crazy voice.

Music video was dark, consisted of a lot of women dancers. I THINK the music was rock-based. Could have just been heavily symphonic.

So crazy male opera vocals to maybe rock music in a foreign language, women dancing, and from what I can gather, its not Vitas.

That's kind of vague but that's obviously why I can't find it.
Quote by whywefight
oh its not vitas?

idk then

there's like so many vitas songs that could be

If there's a Vitas video of women dancing then its probably it

I feel like this dude had a deeper voice though.

Shit it might have even been been in English, but I really don't think it was.


I think I found it and it is Vitas. I'm just stupid.

But if you hadn't said that I probably wouldn't have searched again.

Still thinking it might be something else, but this is what I remember. I guess the women weren't exactly dancing.

I'm disappointed though because I remember it being so much more amazing.
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