Right after 0:11 there's a very high pitched "beat" thing going on. I can literally feel this frequency in my throat/middle of my neck area. And it's not just me, I found a section of comments about it on another website.

It's very uncomfortable, but neat nonetheless.

PS you probably need some decent headphones.
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I felt it for a few seconds but once the other noises came in it went away.
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wtf im a huge fan of telefon tel aviv and i never noticed that before lol

playing it pretty loud on my speaker system actually, similar effect


that is ... interesting haha
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yeah kinda. i have noticed when i am hungry sometimes there will be like a "wash" of sound of a similar frequency that happens for a moment or two in my throat. i think it is maybe kind of a rough "resonant frequency" of our throats.
I thought this was going to be a thread about fellatio?
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