Im revisiting my classical guitar after a couple of decades out. I only want to play easier pieces that sound great i cant be bothered with overly technical pieces and dont have the time to study them. Any suggestions?
Well, a decent idea would be to just grab one of the many books with studies from Carcassi, Sor, Tarrega, Lauro or Guiliani and see how well your reading currently is. As for actual pieces, a lot of those romantic works tend to be relatively easy to play while still decent sounding. Mertz piece An Die Entfernte is very nice and not too difficult, as are a number of his other works, as well as his contemporaries. Napoleon Coste has an incredible number of his works drifting about the internet in PDF form, some of his fantasies can be quite long but they're not actually that hard to play. I can also wholeheartedly advise looking into Gerald Garcia's 25 studies, if you're into a bit more modern music. Very playable and some are absolute works of art. If you want more specifics, let me know and I'll pen some down.

Good luck
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