can anyone help me out with what gear I would need to get the lead tone here at 22:40

According to this, his amp is a Fender Twin Reverb and guitar is a Telesonic. However, the most important bit here is the fuzz pedal- gated/velcro-y. I know less about these then some people but I know the sound when I hear it: here are a few models for you to look into: http://tonereport.com/blogs/tone-tips/four-gnarly-fuzz-pedals-you-need-to-try http://www.jimdunlop.com/product/super-badass-variac-fuzz

If you type in velcro fuzz or gated fuzz on Youtube you'll find many more examples.
^ pretty much ditto never tried them but i think that's what they are. hopefully some of the other regulars who know more about it will come in soon.
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I saw in a couple of pictures that on Bucketheads Les Paul (only some pictures) that his neck pickup is painted in white. Can anyone explain to me why he would do this, and if there are any pros and cons.

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The guy wears a KFC Bucket and a white mask during performances, and you're interested in the color of his pickup covers?