I am looking to restring my new Fender Mustang when I receive it but I am unsure what strings to put on the guitar. I am looking for strings that will not be too loose when tuning between E Standard and half a step down.
"Best Strings" is a can of worms because strings are really a preference kind of thing. Brand, gauge, type, etc. All preference.

If I was going to be using my guitar in the same fashion you are using yours, My preference would be Ernie Ball Slinkies 10's (green package).
Fender says it comes with 10's. So wait until you get the guitar and see how it feels with the 10's - in both standard and down a 1/2 step. That will be your best judge.

Fender also says that it's a 24" scale so if the 10's are too floppy down a 1/2 step look into some 11's or a hybrid type of setup with 10's on the high strings and 11's on the low strings.
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I really like the Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms, but as others have said it's all preference.
experiment. strings are cheap.

its about the journey not the destination.
I have just started playing again after a while and a guy recommended to me Ernie Ball Super Slinky's 9s

Quote by Wizhunter
I have just started playing again after a while and a guy recommended to me Ernie Ball Super Slinky's 9s


try a few brands. strings are cheap. you will find what works best for you down the line.
I'd recommend starting out with ernie balls or d'addarios or elixirs or something and start with 10s. Then next time you need new strings try the same brand, but change the gauge to 9s or 11s, depending on which way you think you want to go. If the 9s are too loose or 11s are too tight go back to 10s. Once you've found a gauge you're comfortable with try different brands every time you change strings. It'll take a while, especially depending on how often you change strings, but you'll eventually figure out what you like. Normal strings usually last a few months before they start sounding really dull. Some (crazy) people even change them every few weeks.

I personally like 11s in standard (sometimes 10s) and the past few times I've been going back and forth between Elixir and D'addario coated strings because they last a long time (like 6 months or more) before the tone gets dull enough that I need to change strings. They're not as bright as non-coated strings, but non-coated strings lose their brightness very quickly while the coated ones keep the crispness they do have for a lot longer. Haven't made up my mind which brand I prefer. Coated strings are more expensive as well, but since they last so much longer it's worth it if you like them.
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The best strings are Ernie Ball nickel wound slinkies, 52-10. Anyone who disagrees is wrong.
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I had just got a 2nd guitar because it was cheap (£50) and the strings on it were either old or just plain crap, they were leaving black tram lines on my fingers, a guy i know said super slinky's and suggested 9s with me just starting up again, i have no idea about strings so just went along with them, I just didn't want to go through the pain i had when i played all those years ago. The guitar i have just got has a pretty low action and seems pretty well set up and i don't have to press very hard at all so that suits me. I was actually thinking of getting some finger protectors, the silicon ones but now i don't have to.