ive played guitar since 2009 and am looking to play bass.. i want to know how hard itl be for someone with 7 years experience playing electric.. hopefully the transition is gonna be easier. i also wanted to find a good brand for playing punk/alternative like tool, offspring and green day.. i have no problem spending 3-500$ on a first bass.. i don't plan on going through the buy a pos as a beginner stage again
Get a P or PJ and a decent ss amp.
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not really a big change, if you can play guitar you can play bass, not saying bass is easier, because it's not, but if you have the gist of the guitar, timing and tempo, and know your way around a guitar the bass is just the same in a way.
I am a bass player, however I also play guitar a little. Besides the obvious differences (e.g. number of strings), bass requires more strength in the fingers and hands. The scale length is longer requiring more range of motion and stretching of fingers. Strings are significantly thicker (higher gauge) and harder to play. Everyone has to pay attention to timing/tempo of course, however the bass player must be completely in sync with the drummer. Bass has a different role in that it sits in between the basic beat (drums) and the melody (guitar), providing a link between the two.
yea i figured picking was the only major thing that would change since for the bass people use their fingers.. that shouldn't take long
Nothing says you HAVE to use your fingers. Lots of people pick the bass. That said, I think fingers are the way to go.
SovietStarpicking with fingers on bass is probably alot easier because the strings are thicker.. i couldn't pick a regular guitar without fucking up
Quote by nousernam3
SovietStarpicking with fingers on bass is probably alot easier because the strings are thicker.. i couldn't pick a regular guitar without fucking up

I would hesitate to call one easier than the other. As a guitarist, you may very well find with a thicker pick, it is easy or more enjoyable for you to play that way. Or you may find you enjoy the challenge of learning to finger the bass over picking it. You may find you prefer one tone to the other. I would recommend you try both ways to make sure you play the way you find comfortable and enjoyable. Instruments are a very personal thing and every instrument is as unique as the person playing it. A lot of your sound comes from who you are and what you like. Personally, I started playing the bass picked and I hated the way it sounded, so I learned how to play with fingers.
SovietStarwel see what happens if i get a bass.. i was also thinking about drums but that would probably be alot harder
I played guitar for decades before picking up bass. Its a straightforward transition, but the big thing that seems to be an issue is learning to lock in your timing and when not to play. Bass brings more to the mix and it will teach you to listen to the rest of the band, because you are the bridge between the rhythm section and the rest of the band--like Suzi Quattro says, you are the engine that drives the car.

And learn to use a pick and fingers, each has its own place in the bass technique world, and makes you a more well rounded player.

And drums are way harder than they appear. I've gotten behind my husband's set a few times and I have a great respect for a good drummer.
I agree with anarkee I have myself been playing for 20 odd years and I have the strength in my hands and can go from picking and using a pleck with guitar or bass, I think the more you play what ever instrument you will get better, and yes drums are a lot harder to play than you think, you have to be a dancer to play drums ha ha because you seem to be moving every part of your body. and have got to have great timming
ayreon77lol yea i tried my friends set and couldn't figure it out.. drummers deserve huge respect.. especially neil peart