In the last year I have had to have a foot amputation due to complication from diabetes. Which caused some financial issues and I had to regretfully sell all my gear. Of course I can't afford the high end gear that I had so I'm starting from the ground up. With my situation I'm now on a fixed budget so I'm trying to get a cheap but not junk type setup for bedroom jamming....

First thing is guitar, for bedroom jamming will this sound decent? It has a rosewood fretboard and string thru body, which I have always played....decent guitar.....this is just so embarrassing needing a low end guitar. With my limited income I thought I would get this and then 6 months down the road and put in some seymour pickups....what do you think?


I also need an amp....once again money is a major issue. So I have decided on a micro amp. The closest music store around is 4-5 hours away so I my purchase needs to be based on you guy's opinion and experience.....so I have narrowed it down to these.....

1. Vox VX1
2. Blackstar Fly
3. Orange crush

I like a little bit of flexibility in sound but I prefer playing high gain, but also love the vintage metal sound of vox/orange but then again I love high gain which the blackstar may provide......I used to have the Yamaha thr. The metal one. It sounded awesome....would these amps sound as good as the yamaha with the high quality distortion/gain??? which one would you get? which do you think would suit me best? Thank you in advance
Sorry to hear about your dilemma.

I can't speak of the dean because I've never played it. Are you in America? You may want to look at agile if you are or possibly used on guitar center.

Which crush are you looking at? If you are going to play without headphones, I would shoot for the one with the biggest speaker.

Can you give a location and budget? That might help people make better recommendations.
that dean is one of the worst pieces of shit I've ever played would never recommend it to anyone. it feels so cheap and just didn't cut it sound wise. for high gain (with other options) tough to beat a Peavey VIP series amp
Not sure what your overall budget is, but I'd look at used epiphones or squiers. I've seen SG G400s and Classic Vibe Squiers for under $300.

recommendations are really going to depend on your budget