Hey guys, so I have an opportunity for a trade, my peavey 6534+ with my thd 4x12 and an evh 5150III 50w and the evh 2x12, I love my peavey but it's so heavy and so is the 4x12 and I do want something more portable, I play mainly things from Extreme (the band) in Eb to Born of Osiris in drop G, would the evh be able to cover all that? What are your guy's thoughts on the cab? Thanks a bunch.
both amps are pretty similar in terms of tone and gain. I wouldn't count on the EVH head weighing much less the 2x12 obviously will.
Last time I saw Carcass they were using the EVH 5150 III 50W heads live if that helps.
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The EVH 212 cab uses different speakers than the big brother 4x12, so not sure you'll like the 212. At jamming volumes, my 212 sounds alright but for home levels I prefer my rectifier 212.
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