Hey guys, this is my first post so I was unsure as to where I should post this question but anyway,
I bought a Fender Strat last year (previously owned) and the previous owner for some reason had the model sticker which usually comes on the pick guard, on the body. Since taking off the sticker I had to remove all the remaining residue and unfortunately it's left the outline of the sticker on the body. (Rest of body has slightly faded yet paint under sticker hasn't?)
The colour is Olympic white and I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this same problem and how to solve it if possible?
light is what causes the paint to yellow. sticker covered spot so no light exposure. short of covering the guitar except for that spot not really much you can do. it will start to catch up but this may take a bit.
i got one like that. it evens out a little over time,

if you really have a problem with it, hit it with some proper rubbing compound. that may do it.
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I'd get a grinder wheel and give that bad boy some body work!
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