Hi guys, I'm putting back together an old guitar for my brother. He hasn't played in years, but is looking to get back into it. Anyways, I have all the new parts to replace the old non-working and/or just not good parts for the job, but for the life of me can't find a wiring diagram for the job. It's a 2 humbucker setup, with 2 volumes, 1 tone, and 3 on/off switches, one for each knob. If anybody has a good diagram or any ideas as to where I may find one that'd work, it'd be much appreciated.
Finding one with on/off switches instead of a pickup selector will be difficult. If you know the model of the guitar you might could find the original schematic. Although I imagine you already tried that. Are the on/off switches just mutes for the signal, or do they bypass each knob?