So Im looking for new pickups. I have an Ibanez S771, and I play metal/punk music.. I love high gain, but I don't want too clean of a tone, I like it a little fuzzy The styles I play are like Korn, System Of A Down, Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Megadeth. I was thinking about Invaders, but I've heard mixed things about those. JB's are really what I think might be right, but I'm worried they might not get the real high gain I need. Also how are P90's for this kind of thing? Would they be a good neck position pickup maybe for cleans? Thanks so much for anyone who helps, I want as many opinions as possible.
I'd take a JB over an Invader every day of the week. P90's can be cool too, but they're noisier. You could go JB in the bridge (duh) and a P90 in a humbucker case in the neck, for instance.
JBs are a classic pickup for harder genres. P90 cleans can be awesome, and they sure can do nasty dirt, too. But they ARE singlecoils, so they will have that hum.

And HB/P90 is a fun pickup combo.

The Lace Alumitone HBs- Deathbuckers included- have good cleans and are splittable.

Billy Corgan's Reverend sig model uses HB-sized P-90s from RailHammer.

P90s can do distortion just fine, too.

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Don't forget about P-Rails. This is an SD pickup that has a P90 pickup and a single coil pickup (and are available in three output levels) that can be combined and used either in serial (standard humbucker) or parallel modes as humbuckers.

And while you're at it, don't forget that there ARE noiseless P90's out there (the very best, IMHO, are Kinman's Noiseless P90's).

As for your bridge pickup, go with what you like. I'd probably pick a Suhr Aldrich, but a JB will work. I'm so not a fan of Invaders.
I have a set of Railhammer Bily Corgins and they work really well and quite noiseless.
However, the best P90's I own have to be the ones that Vintage Vibe built for me. They are 7 string humbucker sized. You can order a 6 string variant. Drop Peter Bitloft an email over at Vintage Vibe. They are not noiseless though if that even matters to you, it doesn't matter to me.
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The one thing I'm not clear on is whether P-rails are a direct drop in replacement for HBs, or if you'd need to do a little routing. They're good pickups, regardless.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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you'll have more gain with the JB than a P90 , mine do ...... I also like the Invader , to me the Invader sounds like a JB with the tone knob down a few numbers , both cut through the mix just as good ... my Invader blends with the P90 better than the JB IMHO
I hated the invader.

Love the JB.

Love P90.

The P-Rail is a direct drop in from my experience... didn't have to do any routing or modification. I will say this though: The P-Rail is a great sounding pickup, but it doesn't (in my opinion) have the true mojo of an actual P90. Even with the Triple Shot ring, I didn't find the different P-Rail flavors it supposedly offers to be all that different. It's a great sounding pickup though.
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The JB and Invader are 2 very different pickups. Make sure you listen to some clips, and (preferably) get a chance to try these out somewhere. The JB is bright and hot, with a high-mid spike. The Invader is hot with low mids and lows, and not many highs. Both are very compressed.
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