Hey all,

So, I recently purchased a Dunlop ZW-45 (Zakk Wylde) model wah on the cheap via Reverb. So far, I'm really digging it, as it has an aggressive sweep that handles high gain very well (as expected), and for it's minimalist, plug and play nature.

One thing I have noticed, however, is that the pedal action feels a bit more loose than some other wahs I've owned. I've also noticed that while the pedal reaches higher frequencies (again, than others I've owned) when all the way forward, quite a bit of the pedal's range seems to be in frequencies too low to be of much use, IMO - until the pedal is past the mid-point.

I've read that the pedal action/tightness can be adjusted via a simple screw on the gear mechanism inside, but that this can alter the sweep range of the pedal too. Just curious how much truth there is to this, and how easy it is to do? This pedal is damn close to what I'm really after in a wah - I'd just like to dial out some of the low range/make the mid frequencies more useable, without sacrificing any highs, if possible.

Thanks in advance!
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Not sure about wah pedal, but I've read good reviews on Tru-tone EB VP Jr. Pedal (basically he changed all the stock components for better quality.. even the circuit board and pots... the sweep goes from 0 - 10 and you know it's quality.. but the price is a bit high.

I went with T1M modded EB VP Jr with tone suck mod.. because the signal is split from tuner to next pedal the signal is weakened.. but after the buffered section.. there is no signal loss.

Not sure if that answer your question.. you can always buy used modded volume pedal.. check seller rating before you bid.
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i hink with your iq of 440 u shoud be able to use google and youtube to find out about playng with your wah sweep range pot. About your pedal being lose - i think ZW has some sort of tightener (adjustable rocker torque) (doesnt alter the sweep range), + i got a spring from umbrella that i sawed in half and put in my cae wah ,i like the feel like pushing a gas and driving a car. aditional if u feel like ur having no use of heel down freq put some coins there to stop it going further down.