been looking to pick up a new instrument for awhile now.. im going between drums and bass.. bass will be easier with my 6+ years of guitar playing experience but i always wanted to know what playing the drums was like.. meaning how different it feels and if learning one instrument already would help regardless if it was a string instrument.. srry if this is a little repetitive but i can't decide what to learn next.. tool and rhcp bass lines are incredibly appealing yet i want to be able to feel the beat like drummers do.. i think they feel it the most
I think you need to find a drum teacher nearby and have a trial lesson just to understand what it's all about. After that you can make decision much easier.
I have a friend who plays guitar and has played for 16 years, he tried his hand at drumming and just couldn't pick it up, he felt like he could be expressing himself a lot better on guitar. What I'm getting at is switching between being a guitar player and a drummer is a huge difference, if it was me I'd go to bass, because it's different enough to require new techniques and seeing music differently but it's not a million miles away from what your used to
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Well if you've been playing guitar for a while and you want a new instrument i'd go with the drums because the bass would be too similar to what you're doing now.