I can show receipts for paying for this service for the last two years yet I can't seem to even get access to tabs. I have paid for and not used this service for two years. I can't find anyone to ask my specific question. I'm ready to rip my fucking hair out. How do I find out why I am not getting access to stuff I have paid for?
All of a sudden on my iPad I cannot access any new tabs. I get the message - Service Unavailable Please try again later.
Everything else on my iPad is fine and internet connection is strong. Help!
jbhuston there was a service outage which lasted for about 6 minutes (one of our servers went down). Sorry for that
It's all good now?
hello.. i've accidently subscripe to a lifetime subcription then i've terminate it.. do i get the refund back ?
lNeoMvsEu Your response is inadequate. providing a support link in the link banner so it is always on the user's page would be adequate.
There is a support link at the bottom of every UG page.
Ctrl-F "support" from anywhere on UG should point to the link.

Anyway, the question was for a contact, which was provided, so I don't see how the response was inadequate. Suggestions about link placement are a separate issue.