First of all I would like to state that I have never claimed ANY benefits whatsoever and I am very proud of that. I have worked all my life and have paid tax. I have never taken marijuana or gotten out of control with alcohol either, and that is something I am very proud of too. May I ask why you don't want a job? Is it depression? Is it lack of confidence? Have you asked your tax funded NHS doctor? If you do ask your doctor, please be quick as they have people with jobs to treat. I have never understood why people don't contribute to society and think it's us middle class's duty to keep you with money and free council accommodation. Council housed people just throw their sofas and old mattresses out on the street, they don't take baths so they don't have to pass a job interview, and they dress in eye offending clothing often discounted. I bought a computer from ebay which was pickup only - when I arrived it was council, so I drove off.

Wonder who's multi this is.
Dance in the moonlight my old friend twilight

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What's this about ****ing corpses? My UG senses were tingling.