Hi all and i hope you re doing well. So, im trying to understand the concept behind pedal order and after reading quite a few articles plus watching videos on youtube, i have a specific pedal order in mind and im wondering if its going to work;

Fx loop ; eq, pitch shifter, chorus. compressor, volume pedal, dealy, reverb

From guitar to the amp; tuner, wah, od, noise gate

Also, i wanna throw in there a looper too but do i put in the fx loop or not? Also, is this order that i have in mind even possible?
I forgot to mention that the pedals i have the most interest in are the compressor , volume pedal, delay (mxr m169 analog) and reverb (neunaber). This is because i want to be able to create those really beautiful ambient sounds. The compressor and volume pedal are before the delay and reverb because i watched a video of a guy in youtube called "chords of orion" that recommended this setup. The rest of the pedals are for fun (pitch shifter,wah,chorus) and for functional purposes (being able to tighten up the sound using an od, being able to manipulate further the sound to my liking using an eq, noise gate for removing any unwanted noise, etc). Anyway , my actuall question is; you have these pedals. In what order would you put them? And where exactly (fx loop or not) ?

Thanks a lot (and in advance) and sorry for the (kinda) long post :p
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volume before pitch shifter and chorus iff not before it hits the amp, depending on what u want to achive the eq can be in fx or before, compressor after wah (just my thoughts)
kristbubnjar ok i see thanks for the feedback, i suppose the eq will go to the fx loop as its the thing most people seem to do
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guitar > tuner > wah > compressor > OD > amp > EQ > chorus > delay > reverb.

that is what i do anyway.

mess around with it. its easy and fun (and it doesn't cost you any money )
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