Looking to do acoustic treatment as my next step into learning how to make, record, and mix songs. I'm on a major budget so I want to spend the least as possible wile still being functional. Yes I have the tools, materials, and experience to do woodworking and even metalworking sooo pretty limitless in what I can build here. Looking to spend the least amount of money for 4 bass traps (pref floor to celing) and treat the walls and ceiling as well. The room is in the abouts of 12x10' with 8' high ceilings. There is a 3'x'3 glass window in the center along the long wall and the door is in the corner of the room. The only concern is we are renting and we cant damage the walls or ceiling so acoustic panel mounting is hard, I can probably get away with some very small paint touch ups though. This is a bedroom studio and yes there is a bed in the room where I sleep at night (now you know where I sleep).
Anyone got Ideas of what I can do that they have seen, done, and even come up with?
And no throwing my dirty clothes in the corner does not count as a bass trap XD Thanks for your feedback though!
I am in the United states if you are wondering.