Was just wondering if the ceramic pickups on an MIM strat sound good for blues (SRV, Mayer, Clapton stuff) thanks

P.S. On a pretty tight budget, so I can't get an American Special/Standard
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In my experience yes they do.They seem to sound kind of quite high output and sound best with some OD imo.Not the best for crystal clear cleans but they do drivey blues and heavier stuff well.
Yes, they are sufficient. More than sufficient for blues. Can always upgrade the pickups at a later time..
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Yes, that's pretty much what they were designed for, but can of course handle other other styles/genres as well. The amplifier they will be running through will matter much more though.
i haven't tried them personally, but check out ken rose. he is very cheap, and i don't think i have heard anything bad. ( rosepickups dot com)

short of that, i picked up one of these a few weeks ago for my strat. been a bit lazy and haven't installed it yet...


just shy of $50.
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