i got gibson sg Juinour i want to buy
the reason im asking
cause i have no idea
which juinour it is
cause there is alot of sg juinour kinds
look the picture i got
this is the seria lnumber 127210355
i have no idea how to check
i tried alot of guitar dater kinds and stuff
the gibson theard
i have no idea
so i would really appreciate if someone can help me recognize which sg it is
stuff i know about the sg
its maghony bridge
This is the gibson pictures i got
I dont think thats a Junior. It looks more like an older SG special. The juniors are usually a single pickup model.

The serial number would make it a 2011, made in April.

Its a mahogany body, not a mahogany bridge. The bridge is the metal bar on the body with the 6 saddles for adjustment.
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You really should ask questions like this in your other thread. It's about the same general topic, so you really don't need to start a new thread.
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