So I'm getting a guitar And I really love going to guitar center but being 17 can mean barely any money. I'm afraid if I start showing up a lot
and only "just looking" can lead to some annoyed employees. should I buy at least a bag of picks or something?
You're not obligated to buy anything, unless you want to. The worst they can do is ask you to leave.

I suppose you could invest in a variety of cunning disguises and false beards, if you really must play every guitar they have.

Get a job at Guitar Center and you can go there practically every day.
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this doesn't stop when you get older, unfortunately. i wonder if i'm going too much and i'm a good bit older than you.

depending on how they think, buying a token item might even annoy them more- if they think that you think that buying a plectrum means you can try 50 guitars guilt-free (I know that's not what you mean, but they might not think so), that might annoy them even worse unfortunately. I'm not really sure what the answer is, if your local shop is staffed by annoying types, it's sometimes impossible to please them.

"He tried 20 guitars and didn't even buy a pick!"

"He thought that buying a pick meant he could try 20 guitars!"


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Try to develop an amicable relationship with the workers/owners there. Nowadays I go to my local store more for that than I do for gear. They have plenty of cool stuff, but nothing I can't find cheaper online. However, the knowledge I gain and the connection to the music community is what keeps me in the store.

They may still rag you about buying something from time to time, but at least they'll know you and you won't feel so out of place.
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When I was around your age that's all I did was hang out at my local guitar shop. They even celebrated when I finally bought the guitar I was ogling for months. I still have it too - my Ibanez Artist AR305AV. Ahh those were the days. Now I just stare at guitar pics on a computer at home which isn't nearly as fun.
In my experience, they don't ask you to leave the guitar store until you start rubbing the guitars against your body and moaning softly.