Hello All,

I need a bit of help.

After a few bends of the G string on the 2012 Epiphone Explorer or 2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio I have, the G string goes out of tune (flat). I can bend the string pretty much anywhere on the neck and it will go out of tune though I notice it does it most when I'm bending around and above the 12th fret. Now, being Epiphone and Gibson, they have Tune-O-Matic bridges and I know they're not the most reliable bridges in terms of keeping strings in tune. Is there anything I can do to prevent the G string from going out of tune after bending?

Moreover, both guitars have a low action and the intonation is bang on. None of the other strings do this.

Thanks in advance.
The issue is more likely the nut than the bridge. In the short term, lubricating the nut to prevent binding will probably help, but ideally you'll want it properly cut.
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First I would review your technique for installing strings:

Only have the string about 1 1/2" or a bit less longer than the distance to the post.
Crimp the end at about 3/8" so that it will seat neatly in the post hole
Tighten it up under tension.
Yank and tune. Repeat until the tuning is stable.
Always tune up rather than down.

If all that is good, check that the string isn't sticking in the nut slot. If it is, you can lubricate it or widen the slot a little.

As you say, tuning should be stable with those bridges.