Hey guys!
I've decided to buy a second electric guitar. I own a Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker 2014 and I want something with 24 frets. I liked two guitars. They are both Jackson. The thing is that I don't know which one of them I like more. http://www.jacksonguitars.com/guitars/soloist/models/x-series-soloist-slattxmgq3-6-rosewood-fingerboard-transparent-red-burst/ this one have EMG pick ups and most of the bands I listen to and try to play use EMGs. http://www.jacksonguitars.com/series/x-series/models/x-series-soloist-sl3x-rosewood-fingerboard-white-pearl-metallic/ this one has a floating bridge and taking in mind that I have a Les Paul with a standart bridge I dont know if I should by a guitar with a floaying one. So EMGs or Floyd? What should I chose?
In the event of modification, the SL3X offers more tonal diversity. With that said, if you are looking for a plug n play, no mods at all, just straight out of the box? I go with the HH/SLAT. Look at that basswood man & the nice crimson red color, absolutely stunning. I love the fret inlays too, those are nice. I hope you are prepared for the EMG pickups, they are not for everyone but if you are interested in heavy metal & death metal, you will not be disappointed.

I'd like to point out specifically that the SL3X may have more unwanted noise with the single coils, the HH/SLAT I think would cut the buzz out from the single coil, if it were me personally, I'd have to go with the HH/SLAT.
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^^ there shouldn't be any extra noise with the "single coils", they're hot rails (i.e. humbuckers in a single-coil size).
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I dont really know if the floyd will be usefull to me.. i dont really know any guitar player who relies on the floating bridge very much. Then again Ive heard a lot of people say that if one dont have a guitar with a floating bridge he should definatly get one.. thats why i dont know what to do
I would avoid a floating trem like the plague if I didn't have a specific use for it. harder to tune, more weight, more to go wrong, added expense.

You still haven't said what genres, players or styles interest you. For example, with my interests I would be looking for a hardtail with P90s, but who knows in your case?
Well I use the Gibson for the more classic rock stuff and know I am looking for a guitar for the heavier things. By heavier I mean Metallica like bands so its not like the heaviest. And I also want the new guitar to be more comfortable for soloing.
I'd think of it this way: will you ever use the floating bridge? Maybe not now, but later on maybe? If you will, get the floating bridge one. You can always change out pickups. Routing a body for a new bridge is far more costly.

If you change tunings a lot, don't really want to deal with setting up a floating bridge every time you change strings or simply don't see yourself using a floating bridge, get the other one.
i detest duncan designed pickups. i would go for the: http://www.jacksonguitars.com/guitars/soloist/models/x-series-soloist-slattxmgq3-6-rosewood-fingerboard-transparent-red-burst/

yeah its an easy swap, but if you don't want to mod it, you will likely hate them.

i would look for some used MIJ jacksons. IMO they are better guitars.
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