You’ve got a fire inside, young Andy,
and don’t know whether to spit or shit it out.
A fire inside your belly –
is it guts, or rage, or an internal bout?
Your ceiling is on fire, flaring,
and there’s no rain that could ever put it out,
because this fire is inside, tearing
your walls apart. You can’t save them. Escape now.

You’ve got a poison inside your family,
and it’s infecting this tree down to its roots.
A poison inside and spreading,
as you elope with a baggage filled with fruits.
It’s poison that’s been keeping you cherished,
and cared, and looked after, and loved, and consumed
by this poisonous demon, damned, deadly,
who should act like a father, not a poor excuse.
"You’ve got a poison inside your family,"

is so so good, really overshadows the rest of this for me, I dunno, i kind of want it to stand on its own?

sorry i don't have much more to offer on this. good to read you again. its been too long.