Hello. I am a long time death metal vocalist looking to do some online collaborations. I am open to other genres or crossovers. I love The Browning album Burn This World (it's my gym music😆) . I love Arch Enemy with Angela Gossow and The Agonist with Alissa White-Gluz, but the crossover deeply saddened me. I love Trivium but pretty much only the albums with screaming. I love Upon A Burning Body. ATR (TFOI album).

This is a new profile so it's blank right now. Here is the link to my old band (personal, not online collab). All the vocals are mine. This is from mostly 2007 and I had been screaming for 2 years at this point.


PM me if you are interested or email me. Afriesen0900@gmail.com.
Friesanos0900 First i wanna say that i am not part of a death metal project... but i DO have a melodic metalcore project that im trying to get off the ground using youtube as my main platform. I DID wanna ask a few questions if you were going to be interested in doing vocals for my project, mostly pertaining to what gear, daw, and techniques you use to record. If you are, email me at wowalz@hotmail.com (will also be sending this same post to your email.)

here is a link to one of the songs i have written/recorded/uploaded since creating the channel a few days ago.

I do want to make clear that im not looking for a permanent position to be filled, My end goal is to have MULTIPLE vocalist participating in doing vocals for my channel since i plan on uploading a couple of songs per week. I dont honestly expect any one person to be able to keep up with my pace and do vocals for EVERY track I upload. You would be free to pick, whatever song you want, whenever you want or feel like doing vocals.

Really hoping you are interested in this arrangement, i liked what i heard on the soundclick page.. and if that was you years ago, i can only imagine how much you have improved since.

FYI, the best way to contact me is through email.