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Iv have been practicing guitar using a combination of rocksmith and yousician. I'm playing for atleast 20 minutes a day (sometimes more) I'm starting to get there but chord changes are still a challenge. Recently I have started feeling like I would always need rocksmith or yousician to play so I'd like to start moving away from them. I'm into blues/rock music what is the next best step?
Imo those programmes aren't a great way to learn to play the guitar. As you seem to be discovering yourself, the danger is you simply "learn to play the game using the guitar as a controller" as opposed to actually "learning to play the guitar".

They're a great tool to complement your learning by keeping you motivated, but no replacement for formal lessons or even a good YouTube teacher like Justinguitar.
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You can always use YouTube videos, buy song books, or use tabs on UG. If you have any musical goals, the best thing you can always do is take things slowly enough to let your fingers get used to certain movements and changes like with chord changes. Once you feel you've outgrown certain methods, I'm sure there'll always be something else to achieve. Always try to learn what you don't know or don't yet grasp.

1) start practicing 1 to 2 hours per day - 20 minutes is not even worth doing - it won't get you anywhere. Good players practice minimum 2 hours per day and great players from 3 to 8 hours per day, at least for a certain period of time. There is a vast misconception perpetrated all over the internet, including this forum, that you can somehow bypass putting in tons of hours of practice and become good at music - you can't. It's not magic, it's practice. Talent matters, but you go nowhere without the hours - put in more time - it becomes more fun as you progress and you will progress very quickly if you practice more than an hour per day.

2) start watching concerts of blues and rock guitarists - check out SRV Live at the El Mocambo, old clips of BB King etc.Watch closely what they're hands are doing.

3) Blues/Rock is learnable by ear - start working on that. Listen closely to a very small section of a song and try to find the notes on the guitar. That's how the greats learnt to play - they didn't use their eyes, they used they're ears. It takes a lot of time at first but it's still the best way to learn if you want to be a real musician. You can supplement your efforts with you tube lessons and tab, but make sure you spend a lot of time trying to figure things out for yourself.

4) Play along with the recordings of songs ! Jam along with the recording - that's how you really learn the songs and that's how all the greats did it. It's funner, especially for blues and rock, to play along with the band, otherwise you're missing out on a lot of musical information ( the beat, bass etc.).
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Re. #3. That is pretty much how I learn everything. I dissect a song into very small pieces using something like Audacity freeware, including loops and slowing down. I might also shift the pitch to make it more convenient for the way my guitar is tuned.

Just about every song that interests me can be found on Youtube, and I usually listen to several different versions and than choose and record in real time the one(s) I like best.
Rocksmith is GREAT for motivating me to pick up my guitar and play, however I'd agree it's best not to rely on it solely.

I pick a tune I like on Rocksmith and where possible find a lesson for it online. Then I come back to Rocksmith and put what I've learned into practice.

Critics of Rocksmith tend to overlook the many 'Guitarcade' excercises that focus on particular techniques such as string bends, intervals, scales, chords and such like - I would NEVER have gotten nearly so good so quickly at chord changes without these 'games' within the game.

I have a friend that has been half-learning his guitar for years who's been amazed at how far I progressed in just six months. He'd swear I have some innate musical talent. NOoooo ! - I just played Rocksith's 'Star Chords' module whenever the game suggested.
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