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I've got yet another headache with some gear! Get ready to do a lot of reading! So I bought myself a Peavy 6534+(basically a 6505 but with EL34's) back in May. I have had a problem before where there was no sound output whatsoever, took it to my tech, and it was fixed. About three months ago, I turned my amp on to it producing a horrible crackling/ocean-like noise and the volume was extremely cut out. Turning the volume knob barely did anything. I took it to my tech with the problem now twice! The first time, he fixed some bad solder joints. I took it home and within an hour the same problem persisted. My tech said that at his shop it was working perfectly fine. I took it back, and left it at his shop for a month. He said that he took everything apart, tested the power and preamp tubes. Nothing seemed wrong, and yet again he said that it works perfectly at his place. I just don't understand what this problem could be? Could it be something with the grounding in my house? If so, what can I do to fix it??? My tech is extremely honest, and says he is even willing to refund me if the problem persists(which it is). I trust my tech, and I don't think he is trying to get by on me. The weird part is, the problem stops if I unplug the amp and plug it back in. But if I turn it off while it's plugged in and turn it back on, the sound begins immediately as it powers on. I'm $1200 in the hole and need help with this thanks in advanced! Below is a video of my issue.
you video didn't post.

i have been using power conditioners for a long time. and there is a reason. sometimes, power is dirty, but i am not completely sure that is your problem, BUT it is a good investment that can't hurt anything.

have you checked your cables? run straight in, try some different cables, plug the guitar cable into power amp out, see what you hear, i am curious to hear back what it is.
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