I don't know much about amplifiers and I don't know whether to buy Frontman R212 or Princeton Chorus! I like to play loud music with distortion so I'd want a good amp that can play those nice.
josefredoh If I were picking one, I'd go with the Princeton Chorus, but that's likely going to be the more expensive option. And by loud music, it depends on if you are playing clean loud or distorted loud. If you are playing metal you will have different EQ than Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, etc. I would recommend going to your local guitar store and having a sales person demo a few units in your price range. From my perspective, equipment is a journey just like music. I started with a Fender practice amp and quickly moved on because I wasn't happy with the gain settings and added a lot of effects pedals. If you are trying to get a certain type of sound you will likely need pedals. Another option (more expensive, but more flexible) is the Line 6 POD HD to model the amp you'd like to play through--you'd only need a set of headphones and a PC to start. Good luck!

I would suggest neither, especially in the distortion aspect. We might could help you more if you answer these questions:

New or Used?
Home or Gig?
Closest City?
Current Gear?
everybody is spot on. i would look elsewhere.

also avoid the FM like the plague.
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