Hi there,
I am new to recording. I was trying to record song with Boss Me80 and Audacity. I plugged Boss Me80 to my computer, and my headphones in my pedal.
When I was recording everything sounded OK, but when I played back my recording, it had no effect from pedal on it, just a pure guitar sound.
What am I doing wrong here. Please help.

P.S. I also tried to put guitar-->Boss Me80-->mixer--> computer and headphones in mixer. Same thing happened. On headphones everything seemed OK, but when played on computer - no effects...
After that I even downloaded Boss Studio and tried to record there, but nothing changed. No pedal effects attached to recording.
From the Boss Me80 site:

"Via USB, you can connect to your computer and capture the output of the ME-80 directly into your favorite DAW to record pro tones with COSM preamps and effects. It’s also possible to monitor the ME-80’s effects sound while recording an unprocessed signal into a DAW track. MIDI transfer over USB is also supported, allowing you to select ME-80 patches from your computer, send expression and control pedal data into your software, and swap patches via BOSS TONE STUDIO."

As I have a GT-10, from what I remember you'd have to get the drivers from the Boss site and then once installed you'd have to select the Boss input (mine was called GT-10) into the DAW. In your case Audacity is a bit wonky but should record, so get the trial of Reaper, or Mixcraft, or investigate what other software you'd like to use.

Then you should be able to use the Me80 headphones for monitoring your mix, as that's how my GT-10 works. You'd just have to assign the ouput to it as well.

So first install the drivers, then see if you'd have new audio input/output options in Audacity showing the Me80, assign these and see if it works.

Like I said, Audacity might not support, so if you don't see the Me80 there, try the MIxcraft or Reaper trial and see if that will work.

Here's a link to the Boss drivers for your unit:

you could also take a look at the manual as it will describe all this in detail.
Thanks a lot diabolical!

I can't check if this works, as I only get to my pedal on Saturday, but hopefully I will manage to set everything right!
Thanks again!
Well, I figured out how to record, I connected Guitar --> pedal --> amp --> mixer --> computer
Well not the best way and quality, but ok for the first time.