I'm having an annoying problem with my Ibanez RGIB6 (28'' scale, 6 strings) tuned down low at drop E and sometimes drop Gb.
Right now I'm using 0.75 as my thickest string. I've ordered 0.80 just to get some more tension to the string.
The sound of the guitar is awesome, no problems there EXCEPT this annoying fret buzz that I've had since I got the guitar.

First, it buzzed like hell over the first few frets, so I turned it in at a guitar shop to get it fixed. They adjusted the truss rod and changed from 0.70 to 0.75 in string gauge. To get the .75 string to fit they filed the nut. THIS IS WHERE THE SOLUTION OF THE PROBLEM BECAME A PROBLEM AGAIN.
Now it buzzed at the first fret, actually ruining the sound. I noticed that the thickest string kinda laid against the first fret.

So I turned the guitar back to the shop to get it fixed again. I told them that they probably filed the nut too low.
They agreed used superglue and bakingsoda to raise the string in the nut, adjusted the truss rod somewhat and I drove home.

Sure, they fixed that extreme buzz, but I realised that when doing chugs the string wobbled against the first fret(s) making a kind of KRRRR sound - destroying the sound.

A week later, I noticed that the extreme buzz is back again, and my patience is growing tired.

My thought on this is:

* Get thicker strings (.80, maybe even thicker) to get more tension.
* Get a new nut, get it setup so that the strings (string) DO NOT get too close to the first frets.

What do you think? Do you have a better solution?

I have tried raising the action of the saddle on the string but then the action at the high frets gets somewhat too high and the string still has that KRRR sound when chugged.
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Let me get this straight, your low string is a full OCTAVE down? As in, the same as a bass guitar?
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Yes, that is true.
Like this:

Don't tell me to get a bass, because it is not the same thing.
Buy a new nut. Especially when you're talking about strings that are so large. Supergluing the nut slots to raise the action does work but doing it takes about as much effort to do than just buying a new nut.

Considering that the standard gauge of a bass guitar is 45-105 for E standard with a 34" scale, that might give you some idea of just how heavy a gauge you need if you're going to downtune the guitar that much. A 27" scale just isn't long enough.

You'll also need to raise the action just by of the very nature of using strings that large in diameter and the width of their vibrational pattern.
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Can you explain how to change the nut? Is that something I could do myself easily or should I let a tech look at it?

I'm not looking to have the same tension that a bass has, just a little less wobbling.
If you need to ask the question of how to replace a nut, you probably shouldn't be doing it yourself. Do some research online. There are tons of resources on how to do it.


You will need more tension just by the nature of the kind of problem you're having and what you're asking us about. If you don't want the tension of a bass guitar than get a compromise between the two.
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