Poll: Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO vs Fender Telecaster MIM?
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View poll results: Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO vs Fender Telecaster MIM?
Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO
1 50%
Fender Telecaster MIM
1 50%
Voters: 2.
They're polar opposites. Incomparable.

Have you actually tried any les pauls or telecasters to determine which one you would like more?
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You cannot go wrong with either.
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Wanted a telecaster for years (American standard), finally had the cash in hand, went to get it. Played it and liked it. Saw a Gibson Les Paul out of the corner of my eye and tried it. Went home empty handed because the Gibson was a few hundred more. That's the one I'm getting. Should have the cash by April.
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