I'm sorry if there's too much of this type of thread, but I really need some answers. I'm looking for an acoustic guitar to learn fingerpicking, and with my small budget i've set my eyes on these two guitars. The nashville is slightly pricier than the tw28, but it comes with a hardcase. What are the differences between the two, other than the wood, and which one is better in your opinion?

The Nashville:

I've played a fair number of Tanglewoods and like most of them.

What style do you play? Both look like good fingerpicking guitars to me, in quite different ways. The smaller one should nice and tight and bright, also OK for flatpicking. The cedar-topped one will likely have a big open sound but not much headroom, good for slide and fingerpicking, but not what I think of as a good flatpicking guitar. - But it all comes down to personal preferences.
Tony Done I'm looking to play some Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed style fingerpicking. Also need it to sound nice in a band situation.
I'm a fingerpicker, and can see that either could be good, depending on what you like. The smaller one should should tight, the cedar top big and open. Which I prefer tends to depend a bit on my mood. I would likely choose the cedar-topped dread as a safer tonal bet than the smaller body for solo, the smaller body for a band situation.
Englemann/mahogany should be good for fingerpicking, though since the back and sides are laminated, the tonal effect of the mahogany won't be so evident. It should be brighter than the cedar-topped version, with a more "controlled" sound, but maybe not as loud.
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