There is no anything like a time signature in tabs. Most tabs show the speed by putting more or less spaces between the notes. The best way to get a timing right is to listen to the song before attempting to play it.
Hope you will figure it out. Good luck in it!
Quote by georgigeradzh
Hello, I have difficulty with this tab: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/s/speedy_ortiz/curling_tab.htm

I did the drop D.

I read the help page "how to read tabs" but I can't find anything about the intervals ---------- on a tab.
How to know the interval between them , how long and how to read this in general.

There are big free spaces at this tab.

Please help.

In some tab there are bars/measures so you can have some idea where in time and space you are, but as glimpsy said, tab was constructed to give you the particular fret and string and that's basically it. Since many guitarists play by feel anyway, standard musical notation isn't used as often as tab at least on the internet, but learning it helped me a lot. Enjoy the curling tab.

Thank you glimpsy an JeffMoore!

I know the song pretty well but the tab of "Curling" was very confusing for me. The tempo is my problem (which I can adjust after I know the chords/riffs) but I can't read the tabs properly to be honest.

I've managed to get the right chords/riffs thanks to my guitar teacher after I showed him this video:

In general the tabs are great because they are simple but I tried to learn them few times after I started to use this site and I have big difficulties.

Maybe I should start with something easier

Thanks again